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I`m AlexThorn and I`m porn producer since 2005. Some of You may be see my extreme fisting sites, some may be even worked with me. From long time I wanted to help old people who are at the end of their life with funds from my company but bad situation in industry and constant russian hackers attacks make this for me almost imposible on scale I wanted to do this. Now I organize only small support for veterans of WWII and this is absolutly not enought. So I decide to ask You for help to organize me this crowdfunding action to help hospicies for old people what are usually in bad condition and where many old persons dying often in loneliness, sadness and constant pain.

The money colection will start with on 2016 after middle or early begining of 2017 and will end till end of december 2017. Before this and even during this time I will be happy if all interest in support pornstars, porn producers and cam models contact with me and make some short video in what will ask to support my action. My idea is to publicate this short vids over here and over all web media to attract Your fans to donate my action and make it this way OUR action. Except of making the good thing in life this will be also good way to more people see You and become Your new fans. Is absolutly on You what will be at this vid. Just say that You ask Your fans to support this charity action at


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